Feel the emotion inside you

Body art therapy for pregnant women

A unique experience for body and soul. With body art therapy for pregnant women, your body will become a unique and unique work of art.
• You will achieve a state of relaxation, peace, harmony and relaxation.
• It will rebalance the mind and create different sensations and perceptions for both the mother and the baby inside her.
• You will achieve complete harmony in a cozy environment: scented candles, aromas, meditative and relaxing music and a cup of tea. All this in an atmosphere filled with harmonious colors, paintings and works of art.
• The paints are completely harmless and can be washed off.
You will also receive a souvenir photo.
Duration: 2 hours
Price: BGN 200
Location: Sofia. Original gift experience for: woman. For more information please, contact me you can do so using the contact form or telephone number: 0885 44 39 49