Sensual Body Art Therapy

Relaxing treatment by drawing on body

The true purpose of “SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY” is by drawing on the body to reach a state of relaxation, peace, harmony and calmness.
For this purpose the ambience itself plays a very important role, but it must be comfortable, pleasant, light shouldn’t be too bright: aromatic candles, incense, meditation and relaxing music, a cup of tea or wine, all in an atmosphere filled with harmonious colors, paintings and works of arts.
The client is in a comfortable supine position, which predisposes to greater effect of the relaxation.
Drawing on the body is done with different sized brushes. Themselves resemble like fondling acting pleasant and relaxing the body. Your body becomes a unique and unrepeatable work of art that represents your soul.
By painting the “SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY” aims to create different sensations and perceptions of people. It does provoke his imagination and fantasy. It is a real self-discovery and helps relieve the mind from stress and negative thoughts. The balance of mind is thoroughly restored.