Body art

Body art is an extremely effective method of communication and promotion. It attracts attention and leaves many positive memories of the recipient.
We offer:
– Organization of body art shows for different events.
– Drawings on live models for fashion shows, performances, photo shoots and other stage performances and so on.
– Drawings suitable for dancers, staff and facility.
– Drawing of the promoters.
– Body Art Advertising (appropriate advertisement of your company by displaying your logo for various trade shows, trade events and promotions).
– Body Art as an accessory to your outfit (suitable for special occasions, prom, etc.).
– Much fun for children and adults, perfect for picnics, outdoor and indoor events:
* Children (birthdays, holidays).
* Adults (birthdays, holidays, special occasions).
The price is negotiable depending on the workload and the place (in the studio or any other place where the model is). It depends on whether the models are provided by me or by you.