Get to know your body by painting

Sensual Body Art Therapy

Art brings you all the beauty of the surrounding world and is an inexhaustible source of positive emotions.

One of the most important functions of the aura is to absorb bioenergy – light energy in order to fuel our invisible bodies. Seven color vibrations of light can enter our bodies through the aura that surrounds us.


The aura is composed of many beautiful color vibrations that are invisible. They create a sort of an egg shell around our bodies. Pulsating colors of the aura reflect our health condition and are constantly changing depending on moods, feelings, thoughts and our state. Problems in some areas are being designed as a bulge or traces on the aura. Energy blockages also occur immediately, that is why the nature of the aura is very important for color therapists.


The first is physical, which represents the physical and the etheric body.

The etheric body is a complete copy of the physical one, but it does vibrate at a higher level and is therefore invisible to the eye. As in the energy layer of the Earth – the ozone layer, in the essential bodies can appear holes which can let deeper inside harmful vibrations. Blockages and imbalances are projected onto the etheric body long before they manifest on the physical. However, they can be cured by color vibrations before giving effect to its physical counterpart. Therefore the main objective of a color therapist is to add and adjust the needed missing colors and harmonize the etheric body.

The second layer of the aura is composed of emotional and intellectual bodies.

The emotional body is often known as astral and – as its name suggests, is associated with feelings. We ourselves feel the influence of color on mood. We see some of them as inspiring and uplifting, while others – as oppressive. Sometimes we use expressions related to color without really thinking about the hidden meaning of words. The other half of this layer-intellectual body – can be divided into upper and lower. The lower part of the mind is associated with learned responses and models that are adopted as children. The upper part is related to the soul and gives us the creative and intuitive abilities.

The third layer of the aura consists of three spiritual bodies, which are our connection to the universe.

We are associated with divine power embodied in the cosmic rays of white light through a system of body energy centers known to the ancient Indians as chakras. Individual color vibrations are attracted to different energy centers that vibrate at the same frequency as the color does. Energized center or chakra sends positive vibrations of the body systems, organs and glands.

Pure white light energy enter into the aura through the crown chakra and passes through the pineal gland, which divides the light in its seven color components. It sends rays to the essential energy centers, chakras, to give them vitality. Each of the beams has a length and a frequency of their waves. It contains a certain energy and vibrations that have specific qualities and influence on us. The slowest waves of red and yellow are warming and stimulating. The most short and rapid flashes of turquoise blue and purple are soothing and refreshing. Green is neither hot nor cold, it maintains harmony among all the other elements.Therefore, green is used for medical treatment and development of our cells and tissues.

Every part of our physical body and our body functions are sensitive to different colors as each organ vibrates at the frequency of a certain color. When an organ or a gland functions poorly, they lose their inherent vibration – just like lost radio signal due to poor alignment. When we enhance the signal or the vibration of the color, the body will be energized and will on the other side clear the whole reception. Thus the balance of the body will be restored. We can strengthen the impact of some colors on our health when we are / on purpose/ surrounded by them in our everyday life.

This relationship between colors and human organs has been advocated for centuries in Eastern philosophies and religions. Even in European culture, it is to be found in various idioms. For example, the green color is associated with the heart, so we green with envy as we realize that jealousy comes from the heart, the center of emotions. Red is the color of the basic energy center. It symbolizes anger, which increases the temperature and heart rate and literally makes us get red-colored. When we wave a red flag in front of a bull, that makes it angry, although bulls are color-blind. The bull feels the red vibration, which increases his aggressive energy. We extract vital energy for our physical bodies through the main energy center or chakra. Then it goes through every cell and fills it with life.

And different colors have different energy and a different frequency and wavelength, which leads to different effects on any physical and mental state. Numerous studies and observations have shown that different colors lead to the establishment of balance in our physical and emotional functions.

The true purpose of  “SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY”  is by drawing on the body to reach a state of relaxation, peace, harmony and calmness.
For this purpose the ambience itself plays a very important role, but it must be comfortable, pleasant, light shouldn’t be too bright: aromatic candles, incense, meditation and relaxing music, a cup of tea or wine, all in an atmosphere filled with harmonious colors, paintings and works of arts.

One of the most powerful tools available to art are the colors. They embody the diversity of the surrounding world: the dance of colors brings peace and harmony in our hearts.

Each color has a different impact on our body. In addition, different flavors can help us to really relax and get rid of stress accumulated throughout the day.

The seven basic colors that affect us resemble the seven chakras – energy centers of the body and are often used as a method to relieve tension and relaxation.

Influence of color:

Basic colors:

Red (chakra1) – activate, revitalize, deeply releases blocked energy, strengthens the senses.

Blue (chakra 5) – calm, focus, collects and structures energy, regulate hyperactivity.

Yellow (Chakra 3) – strengthens, tones, opens the mind, clears the mind, increases energy, strengthens the nervous system.

Additional colors:

Green (chakra 4) – balance, relax, calm, relieve tension associated with painful processes.

Orange (chakra 2) – Restore inspires, warms, stimulates, has a much more gentle effect in comparisson to red light, unlocking blocked processes, cheers up.

Violet (chakra 7) – inspire, transforms the energy on a higher level, supports mental processes, relaxes the nervous system, calms nervous irritation, soothes pain.

Indigo (chakra 6) – cleanses the blood stream, soothing and astringent, helps in all nervous diseases, helps to relieve symptoms of asthma, convulsions, whooping cough.

Aromatherapy is an alternative method that can be applied in different ways – through massage, aroma lamps, baths, inhalations.

Extremely pleasant and efficient method that aims to get rid of fatigue, tension, daily stress. The effect of aromatherapy is based on the ability of aromas to arrive in the olfactory nerve, the part of the brain that controls the endocrine system. On the other hand the molecules of chemical substances penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream and influence in a certain way the nerve endings, causing the necessary reaction.

Music sets proportional order and harmony in the universe, including the disturbed harmony of the human body. The influence of music on the body is explained by the effect of sound vibrations. The sounds create energy fields that make each cell of the body to resonate. We consume energy music and it normalizes the rhythm of breathing, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, eliminates muscle tension. The music has a positive effect, creates positive emotions, eliminate internal contradictions, soothes and adjusts the wave of love. This is a prerequisite for the moment when body, soul and feelings will merge in perfect harmony …. By “SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY”  we examine the body to find out how it reacts most sensitive to touch. Virtually every part of the human body ( by man or woman) is sensitive to touch, but there are places where the feeling is stronger, and these are called erogenous zones.

The skin of the human body has many nerve endings, but for us the most important are those of the group of mechano-receptors that allow us to feel different feelings of touch, with haemo-receptors, which analyze the chemical compounds responsible for flavor and taste. The closest to the surface of the skin are free nerve endings. They react to pain, cold and prolonged sense of touch. All sensory information is sorted in the brain as different parts of it receive information from various sensory organs. The size of these areas is proportional to the importance of the senses. Areas for aroma and flavor are relatively small, but that of touch covers a wide range. As with other senses by touch we have different thresholds of response.

The client is lying comfortably, which predisposes to greater effect on relaxation. Drawing on the body is done by different sized brushes. They themselves resemble fondling acting, which makes the body feel pleasant and relaxed. When you touch it it pours strange and very effective force able to unlock the imagination and to provoke, to move the imagination and free the mind to find a new sense of self. Your body becomes a unique and unrepeatable work of art that represents your soul.

By painting the “SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY”  aims to create different sensations and perceptions of people. It does provoke his imagination and fantasy. It is a real self-discovery and helps relieve the mind from stress and negative thoughts. The balance of mind is thoroughlyrestored.

  • Sensual body art therapy – feel the powerful energy of colors

The purpose of “SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY” is to reach a state of calm and harmony by drawing on the body. While you relax, your body will become a unique and unique work of art that embodies your soul.


Therapy will help you:

  • free your mind from tension and negative thoughts
  • to regain balance of mind
  • get to know your body through drawing.
  • All this in an atmosphere filled with harmonious colors, paintings and works of art, scented candles, meditative and relaxing music, a glass of tea or wine.
  • The paints are completely harmless and can be washed off.

Duration: 80 min.

Price: BGN 120

Location: Sofia. Original gift experience for: man, woman.


  • Body art therapy for pregnant women. “Feel the emotion inside you”

A unique experience for body and soul. With body art therapy for pregnant women, your body will become a unique and unique work of art.

  • You will achieve a state of relaxation, peace, harmony and relaxation.
  • It will rebalance the mind and create different sensations and perceptions for both the mother and the baby inside her.
  • You will achieve complete harmony in a cozy environment: scented candles, aromas, meditative and relaxing music and a cup of tea. All this in an atmosphere filled with harmonious colors, paintings and works of art.
  • The paints are completely harmless and can be washed off.

You will also receive a souvenir photo.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: BGN 200

Location: Sofia. Original gift experience for: woman.


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